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  What is Jinokoya? - 自分の殻を破る 

  The turtle?  Jinokoya?  Japan?  What does it all mean??  Well, it’s a long story, 
  but it means to come out of one’s shell.


  Who is Jinokoya?

  Mari Houk - Keyboards, Programming, Bass, Guitar, Vocals, Lyrics. (Click here for FULL PROFILE )
  Mari spent several years performing with local Baltimore bands until misfortune/fate struck and she left the world of music.
  Pursuing her interest of Japanese culture, Mari discovered a new found love for music and started to perform again. 
  Starting as a T.M. Revolution one-woman cover band, Mari made her debut as a Japanese Pop musician in 2003. 
  (Also including musicians Chage & Aska, Brilliant Green, and Globe)
  Since then she has composed songs in both English and Japanese, as well as performed in America and Japan.

  "Dave Walter" - Lead Guitar, Vocals, Mixing.(Click here for FULL PROFILE )
  Jack started dabbling around with a small acoustic guitar around the age of four.  He had it only three months before he
  smashed it (Pete Townsend would be proud).  The following Christmas, his parents bought him another one.  He smashed that
  one within several months.  This cycle repeated itself until he was about fifteen, and started to play seriously.  He bought 
  himself an electric guitar, and started playing in various bands including Bleak October, Navassa’, Ideal World and Soul Union.  
  In addition to working with ‘native’ projects – Jack as recorded & produced material for other artists such as Pinfold,
  Reticent Vertigo , & Cluster flux..

 Sherman Canapp - Percussion.(Click here for FULL PROFILE )
 Dr. Sherman Canapp began drums at the age of five. At nine years old, he began private lessons in Baltimore, MD.  He continued
 to play drums throughout his school years. While in high school, Sherman performed live and recorded with various alternative
 rock bands including Bleak Oktober, Pantasmagoric, and The Crying Boy. Entering college as a music major, he continued to perform 
 live in the Baltimore and DC area, in addition to recording with alternative rock bands. During postgraduate school, he continued 
 preforming and recording with jazz and country musicians. 2008, Dr. Canapp had the privilege of attending private sessions and 
 instruction with legendary jazz-fusion drummer Dave Weckl in Los Angeles, CA.   

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