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turtle scroll

Thank you for visiting our site!  私達のウェブサイトに来ていただき、ありがとうございます。 

THANK YOU all for keeping us in Reverbnation's TOP 40 Baltimore bands !  

Jinokoya has some surprises coming your way. 
                We are currently adding an exciting cover project to our performances and will continue work on our 2nd CD: Digital Vomit. 
Jinokoya is: 

      "Mari" Houk            - Keyboards, Programming, Bass, Guitar, Vocals
      Dave Walter           - Lead Guitar, Vocals
      Sherman Canapp   - Drums and Percussion 

     Solo projects will now use the name 'Mari', not Jinokoya. ソロプロジェクト名前は”真理”です
     Please visit MARI's Website here (”真理”のウェブサイトはここです): 
     MARI Official Website
     Check out Jinokoya's interview with Burst Method!! Take a deeper look into our world and the musical journey:
     Jinokoyaインタビュー:  Jinokoya Interview with Burst Method

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    Okay………..Maybe you’ve seen the winged turtle, wondered what in the 
      world Jinokoya means, or even heard the music.

      What possessed a blond American female to become obsessed with 
      writing and performing Japanese Rock and Pop Music?

      Too much Green Tea?  Mind controlling worms in the Sushi?  Ninjas? 
      Yes!  Ninjas!

      It would be wrong if I lied.
      So I won’t tell you I was abandoned in Japan as a child, 
      later to be found and cared for by large radio-active reptiles.
      It would also be a lie if I said I was abducted from my Godzillian 
      family by Japanese Mafia Musicians who forced me to learn the 
      language and play their Rock and Pop music. I can’t really say 
      that because it’s not true….. 
      but it would explain a lot.

      Whether you’re an innocent bystander, musician, bi / multi linguist, 
      otaku, web surfer, or just can’t stand the crap on the radio, frolic
      through my site and indulge yourself in a world of music, elegant yet 
      mysterious culture, and a bit of ....

      Don’t be afraid. Remove the shell and come see my side of the world.

      – “Jinokoya”.

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