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** Dreams can come true **

2017.11.4   - Mari has been sitting in for several bands, playing keyboards for Awaken and currently working on tunes for Dying Breed.
	        Stay tuned for upcoming dates and events!

2017.7.9    - Jinokoya is currently performing at Old Glory Harley Davidson in Laurel MD. (Please check the schedule on the home page)
	         Set List to include both covers and our originals.  Come out for some Hogs and Dogs!

	      - Mari has been around the US shooting commercials in Los Angeles and filmed her first role in the upcoming TV series "What Really Happened".

2017.2.19   - Jinokoya is heading back out on the scene, currently auditioning for several events and hoping to see you all soon.    
	          We have been collaborating on a project with the amazing Pat Hand and Terry Battle! In addition we are still constructing our 2nd album
	          and currently working on a Cover project moving towards an exciting venture.

  2015.7.26   - We will perform at Mystic Faire to support "Focus Services Foundation", a non-profit organization helping 
	           individuals with disabilities. Come out and support us!   Check it out!  
	           The Mystic Faire of Gettysburg     
   2014.4.26   - Check out Jinokoya's interview with Burst Method!! Take a deeper look into Mari's world and her musical journey:
                      Jinokoya Interview with Burst Method                

   2014.4.4   - Thanks to everyone who came out to support! We won the 2nd round and performed again on Friday, April 4th! 
                   We didn't take the finale, but have an awesome time and met some great musicians.

   2014.3.2   - Come out to Hard Rock Cafe Baltimore on MARCH 13, to see Jinokoya perform live for Hard Rock Rising Global Battle of the bands!! 
                   More news coming soon... Washington DC's National Cherry Blossom Festival??   

   2014.1.4   - All Reason program files now moved to Live Play production Software - we are ready to perform Live! 

   2013.11.3   - Jinokoya CD is finally completed! Final review tonight and soon to be released.

   2013.9.6   - Mari Performed Live with Ron Kraft at a Classic Car and Bike Show Charity Event at Spring Gardens in Baltimore City. All proceeds 
                    will provide Thanksgiving dinners for needy families. It was a 6 hour show, but we endured and provided great entertainment for 
                    everyone who came out to help those in need.

   2013.8.22   - Mari Performed Live at Two Rivers in Pasadena, Maryland. It has been a while since I've played acoustic guitar and my fingers 
                    were so sore. Thanks again to everyone who came out and showed their love. It truly meant a lot to me.

   2013.7.3   - Jinokoya performed live at PowerPlant Live MEX in Baltimore City. This was the first performance with Sherman, Dave, and Mari as a 
                    full band since over 10 years ago. Thanks to everyone who came out to show their support! 

                       The "Bleak October" members have reunited and we are now back together as one. The former bassist is involved in another project, 
                       so I (Mari) have been chosen to be the 4-string player.

                       Profiles on the members will be posted shortly! 

                      "Mari"              - Keyboards, Programming, Bass, Guitar, Vocals, Lyrics
                      "Jack Danger"   - Lead Guitar, Vocals
                      "Sherman"       - Drummer Extraordinaire! 

                       Any solo projects will use the name Mari , not Jinokoya.

  2012.11.20   - Mari was chosen as Special Award winner for a.b.s. "WE aRE" competition!!!!  www.aabbss.com/weare/
2012.10.26 - The seventh trip to Japan on my seventh year of trying to reach my dreams. So many miracles again. October 20th I had the honor of attending tko Birthday LIVE with Sunao in Kichijoji! Thank you Kishi San! Your kind words have given me more strength to become a better musician! I also attended Rhythm and Drums Magazine Festival, saw Def Tech LIVE, and another HOTEI LIVE! (Members only) Thank you ISAO (for mentioning me at your LIVE). I enjoyed your show again! On the 15th and 16th, a trip to Shiga showed me a much improved Yasu! I also thoroughly enjoyed a whole slew of uncanny events in Hikone. Taking a trip on Lake Biwa, I visited Chikubushima Island. Let me just say.... 'THE GODDESS COMES BACK" 2012.10.15 - Jinokoya took a chance and delivered a product to Japan that will hopefully make a dream come true. A DVD of Mari performing a.b.s. FREE "WE aRE" was delivered and placed on the official a.b.s. YouTube page. No matter the outcome, I had a blast! But if I am chosen, nothing will keep me from returning to Japan! 2012.3.22 - Jinokoya performed as a full band at Baltimore Hard Rock Cafe for "Hard Rock Rising". Jack Danger was on Guitar and Rob on drums. The bassist was involved in another project so I was chosen to be the new bassist. Thank all of you who came from all over the East Coast to come out and cheer us on. It meant so much to me! 2011.9.11 - Another wonderful and magical trip to Japan. September 17-18, Enjoyed the awesomeness of イナズマロックFES 2011 (INAZUMA) again!! The energy this time was insane! On the 19th, I was completely thrilled to see my first HOTEI LIVE in Shizuoka. Other bands and musicians include Toshimi Project and Cube-Ray. So Honored to meet Toshimi, KOZY, Shibasaki, Kozo, ISAO, IKUO. Thank you so much for your trust and the photos will remain private. September 23, I had the pleasure of recording my original songs with several musicians at HEY JOE in Yokohama. This was also a strange quest to literally chase a dream. I've had reoccurring dreams of Yokohama's Ferris Wheel. On a whim, we decided to stay a few days to find the reason for these visions. Never found anything significant, but being there led me to meet some great musicians and new friends. 2011.8.1 - Jinokoya will be leaving this week for Bermuda, St. Thomas, and St. Martin. September 14, I will be returning to Japan for the awesomeness of イナズマ ロック FES (INAZUMA) 2011!!
September 23, Recording with several musicians in Yokohama. 2011.7.13 - I'll be performing at Baltimore's Inner Harbor July 28 @ 12:30pm, for Otakon Matsuri. Otakon Matsuri Lineup Hope to complete Jinokoya's 2nd CD by the end of August. September 14th, I return to Japan for Inazuma 2011 and will record with several musicians in Yokohama. 2011.6.26 - Wow... been so long since the last update. Sorry. So busy... so much happened. June 26th, performed19、 for a private party and had the honor of playing alongside Rob Fahey!! Rob, it was a thrill and an honor. Thank you! 2010.9.17 - Yes I am in Japan again! ^__^ I love it here so much. Going to see Takanori Nishikawa's Inazuma Rock FES 2010 and enjoy Japan with Eri and Yoko 2010.8.3 - Back from Tokyo and was able to see HOME MADE 家族 perform at Otakon in Baltimore! What a show! So much energy - LOVE THESE GUYS! Telling Otakon Staff to bring them to the US, I was able to help their dream come true! What an incredible feeling! I am sooooo happy for them. Maybe one day my dream too will come true. DJ U-ICHI,KURO,and MICRO (& staff) - THANK YOU WITH ALL MY HEART! You are wonderful gentlemen. I wish you well in your endeavors. Jinokoya's Tokyo performance went well and the new single "One Love" will be recorded tomorrow. 2010.5.18 - Has it really been a year since my update!? I need a Web manager. Sorry guys! So far - Jinokoya is working on 2nd album featuring Jack Danger, Roz Z, and Sherman. Yes, we are back! Look out @_@ New music, new styles and surprising tunes as only Jinokoya can throw your way. July 18th - Jinokoya will be performing for Miki and Tomonori's wedding in Tokyo. Much has happened in the last year including a trip to Shiga to see Inazuma FES 2009. Met new friends and gained more inspiration. Takanori Nishikawa ROCKED the house!(as to be expected) A new job has kept me from moving forward in the musical world - new job now replaced with better position and mind set. Jinokoya will go to Japan again in Sept to see Inazuma Rock FES 2010, Sept 18-19. 2009.7.28 - Working on Music Video for "All I Have". Jack Danger to perform on Rock video!!! Videos from Washington DC's show: http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=jinokoya&search_type=&aq=f Thank you EVERYONE for your support and love in Washington DC!!!   Thank you Kenny, Blizz (Brian C) and Linz!!! Jinokoya will go to Japan to see Inazuma Rock Fest in Shiga, Sept 19-20. 2009.4.26 - It is Official, Jinokoya will perform in Washington D.C. June 6, 3:30-4:45pm 私のWashington D.C.コンサート来てください !!!!! Event: The Food and Wine Festival at National Harbor. Show to be held at Awakening Plaza. http://www.foodandwinenh.com/ Hope to see you all there!!! "After Show" Party location to be determined. 2009.3.18 - Sorry folks. Due to uncertainty in the budget, Cherry Blossom concerts may be cancelled. >_< I received another invitation to perform again in TOKYO JAPAN!!!!! So the schedule needs to be rearranged. 日本にいきます !!!!!! Please contact me "contact@jinokoya.com" if you have any questions or concerns. 2009.2.11 - Jinokoya may be at WASHINGTON DC'S Cherry Blossom Festival April 4th!!!!! Arrangements are not finalized yet, but please keep checking site for times. So the date has changed for Philadelphia's Cherry Blossom Festival now April 5th 2009.1.14 - Jinokoya will be performing at the 2009 Subaru Cherry Blossom Festival in Philadelphia, PA !! Fairmount Park - Philadelphia on Sunday April 5th. (*DATE CHANGED*) Come out and celebrate Japan. I'll update the site with showtimes as the event nears. 2008.12.22 - Jinokoya is on the radio !! The first song from "Korporate Projekt" aired this morning!! 2008.11.05 - Jinokoya is finishing up the "Welcome to America - Corporate Projeckt" Hoping to finish before going to Aruba & Panama in Mid November . 2008.7.27 - View Tabo-kun's website (タボくんのウェブサイトをみて): http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=385046669 August Project is complete and new songs will be posted soon. Jinokoya will be traveling to New England, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia next week. 2008.4.23 - Original music is now on the Home page Still composing new songs inspired by the New York Miracle on April 19th 2008.2.17 - Concert Pictures from Tokyo now posted in Gallery Sorry there is no planned shows anytime soon. I'm now working on my second CD which I hope to complete by the first week of April 2008. 2007.12.24 - Ongaku No Tomo Hall - Tokyo, Japan. A Christmas Concert in Tokyo

                       To perform in Tokyo Japan was my dream. Miki Arimura and her wonderful Family made that dream reality.
                       It was an honor to perform with Miki at her concert (Miki's website:"http://miki-minnie.blogspot.com/)
		       Photos and Video from Tokyo's Concert are now in "Gallery".
		       The other Christmas Gift was an unplanned trip to Zepp Osaka to finally see Takanori Nishikawa 西川貴教 perform live.
2007.12.22 - T.M. Revolution Year Count Down Party '07 Live Revolution Remix XI at Zepp Osaka! I attended my first T.M. Revolution concert alone in Osaka! Being the only foreigner, I stood out in the crowd. It was scary not knowing the procedure for lining up, but three girls befriended and took care of me during the whole concert. Chiemi has kept in touch - Thank You :) Japanese concerts are a bit different than American ones as the Japanese enjoy concerts as a collective. I REALLY enjoyed this "oneness" the fans exibit. THANK YOU AGAIN SO MUCH TETSUYA FOR ALL YOU HAVE DONE FOR ME. You too have helped my dreams come true.
2007.09.29 - CELEBRATE JAPAN - University of Pennsylvania - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Thanks to everyone for coming out and showing their support. Yes it's possible to drive through five states on your way home to Baltimore from Philly. 2007.07.20-22 - Otakon 2007 - Baltimore Convention Center - Baltimore Maryland. Come see Jinokoya at the biggest East Coast Anime Hitoshi... Thank you so much! It was a thrill to meet you and Eminence!


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