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Where in the World is Jinoyoka now?! (Jinokoya はどこに今の?) 

Awesome fun time Playing Keys for the band Awaken !
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Brewer's Landing Brewer's Landing Brewer's Landing


McAvoy's McAvoy's


Great Time Performing for Old Glory Harley Davidson's Live Music Series!
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So honored to perform for Mystic Faire held at Battlefield Harley-Davidson in Gettysburg! 
All proceeds benefited people with Autism, Seizure Disorders, and Special Needs!
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Jinokoya made it to the finals of Baltimore's Hard Rock Rising 4/4/2014!!
Thanks to all our fans, friends, and family!! It was great to see a full house! 
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Jinokoya played as a full band at Baltimore's Hard Rock Cafe' March 22rd!!
Thanks to all who came out. And thanks to everyone who could not be there, but provided your support! Love you all!!
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Opening with "Frayed" Jack Danger on Guitar Introducing Jinokoya first time as a band, not solo

The newest member to my family - my bass Jack Danger and Rob on Drums Thank you Rob for us helping out

Performing "Not Obsessed" Performing "Not Obsessed" 観客をビデオに録画した。Taking video of the audience!

Lovin' Life & Music. ステージが大好きです Performing "Empty Promises". 楽しかった! 私のBASSが大好きです!" Playing bass & singing was a challenge, but so much fun!

"Empty Promises" Rockin'Out! Finale!

Recording with Kanako and Yoshie at Hey Joe - Yokoyama       

2011 Baltimore Matsuri Concert went well!! Thank you all for coming out and cheering me on!        


"I can't hear you!!"


At the entrance タボくん が大好きです! かわいい! Owner of Cocoza's Live House

Me at the Kazoku Fes (1 week early) Playing at a Coffee House in Aichi Coffee House Owner

June 6,2009  Washington DC Food & Wine Festival - National Harbor, DC      
   Blizz, linz, Ken - you are the best!  Thank you all! Your support means so much to me!

いい思い出をありがとう !!  西川さん。。。 光栄でしたよ! 

Dec 24, 2007  Concert with Miki Arimura - Ongaku no Tomo Hall.  Tokyo, Japan      
   Miki, Family, and Friends ... Thank you all! You've made my biggest dreams come true!

Concert Flier Miki Miki's Solo

Miki & I My "Sayonara Sun" Solo Miki & I

Encore Backstage before show Auditorium Lobby

Rehearsals before showtime Miki, Mischa, Gamelan Dancers Friends

After Show Reception Fuji on Christmas Day Asakusa

   Thank you Tetsuya Nakajima for your help with the T.M. Revolution Concert

Zepp Osaka T.M. Revolution Concert Girls T.M. Revolution Concert Girls

   September 29, 2007  "Celebrate Japan" - U. of Penn. Museum, Harrison Auditorium  Philadelphia, PA
Thank you all for coming out to show your support!
Thanks for making me try Uni! Thank You Camden Mass Transit for helping us back to Baltimore from an unplanned stop in New Jersey


View from the back View from the stage

   July 20-22, 2007  Otakon - Baltimore Convention Center.  Baltimore, MD

    Hitoshi & Eminence... Thank you! I was thrilled to meet you!

  October 24,2006  Zenkaikon - Valley Forge Convention Center.  Philadelphia, PA

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